Natural Ingredients in the Solution work in the distribution sector of quality raw materials for the production of cosmetics, food supplements and nutritional products. Passion, curiosity, and attention to the combination of science/quality: these are the instruments which is the foundation of our company.

Thanks to a wide knowledge of the industry and international market, we offer our partners tailor-made solutions by providing a customized service and technical support of high competence, who are always on meeting the specific needs of each individual customer.

Our portfolio is the result of a careful and constant research of the market. By putting in the foreground the needs of the consumer, we offer products that are always innovative, able to meet the most stringent and latest quality and safety standards.

In order to ensure the excellence and effectiveness of our products, we also provide our clients with the scientific support based on numerous clinical studies.
Products NIS are always sought after and rich of natural components with many healthy properties. Our mission is to contribute to the well-being of the individual through the use of products of the highest quality.