Glicowithanolidi (2,5%-3%) Saponins (2,5%) The invigorating effect positive on stress and on physical performance Dosage: 200-600mg (Adults)
It carries out an antioxidant action Protects from the damage of UV rays Increases the elasticity and improves the hydration of the skin Dosage: 4mg per day (Adults)
Improves cognitive functions, in particular memory and concentration Improves the states of anxiety, nervousness and mental stress Dosage: 200-300mg (Adult) 50-100mg (Children)
Black Currant
It helps improve the wellness of the eyes Improves the blood flow to the eye It carries out an antioxidant action Dosage: 50-150mg per day (Adults)
It helps to prevent the onset of urinary tract infection Improves the functionality of the urinary tract Plays an anti-inflammatory Dosage: 150-200mg / day (Adults)
Equisetum Urtica Rocket, Eruca
Promotes the well being of the nails and their texture Promotes the well being of the hair and their growth adjust Dosage: 700mg per day divided into one or more of the assumptions
It performs the action detox on the liver and the intestine Improves digestion Strengthens the immune system The clorellina acts as a natural antibiotic
Ideal for athletes, sports enthusiasts and those who lead a dynamic life Rich of vitamins There are iron, potassium, calcium, chromium, magnesium, phosphorus and other elements
DHA Algae
It is an Omega-3 Health benefits such as prevention of cardiovascular disease Improves the function of the nervous system
Contributes to the improvement of male sexual function Adjust the levels of testosterone Helps to increase male libido Dosage: 500-600mg per day (Adults)
Has a tonic-energizing. Promotes the body's ability to withstand the stress Dosage: 200-500mg per day (Adults)
Grape Seed
Promote the formation of collagen Improves the appearance of the skin Promotes cellular health, elasticity, and tone of the skin Dosage: 50-150mg per day (Adults)
Nopal Fiber
Favours the control of body weight in the context of controlled diets Modulates the absorption of fats and sugars taken on with the power Dosage: 2-5g per day preferably before main meals
Helps fight mild depressive symptoms associated with fatigue Regulates normal mood, and increases the state of well-being Reduces mental stress and physical Dosage: 200-400mg one to two times per day (Adults)
Increases the desire and sexual activity Reduces the symptoms of menopause Dosage: 500-1500mg per day in two divided doses (Adults)
Beet Root
Improvement of the resistance Dosage: 500-1000mg per day (Adults)
Promotes the well being of the prostate Dosage: 700-1500mg / day divided in one or more of the assumptions